Medieval Festival Ibiza: history, beauty and culture

Dalt Vila Ibiza from the sea

It is with great glee we report that the famous Ibiza Medieval Festival is due to hit town very soon!

From 5-8th May, the streets of D’alt Vila (High Town) will be sucked into their annual time warp where you could come across anything from herds of gaggling geese, wandering minstrels and potions for magic spells to jousting cavaliers, harlequins and the steaming, forges of blacksmiths. It’s really quite a sight, ladies and gents.

The festival attracts over 100,000 visitors and the weekend marks a springing to life of many Ibiza businesses – bars, restaurants and shops – that fresh from their winter breaks, are dusting down the shelves, polishing the silver and opening for a bustling seasonal trade. The weather is traditionally gorgeous, usually sitting around the 68-70 degree Fahrenheit mark and blessed with glorious sunshine.

It’s a particularly brilliant time for families to visit the island. The festival is extremely cosmopolitan, with families from all over the world coming to Ibiza to experience not only its magnificent springtime beauty but with the added bonus of seeing the island’s rich history and culture come to life. It’s also a hugely popular event with island residents, who come out to enjoy the festive atmosphere and crowd into the local plazas to chat, share some tapas or watch the live music and dancing that are everywhere.

Ibiza Medieval Festival

There are hundreds of workshops and activities for children, allowing them to try arts and crafts that were popular hundreds of years ago and the fantastic variety of street performances will not only keep them entertained but provide a real educational experience too.

This is a great time to build on that authentic Ibiza vibe and see the island by boat. The sunny spring weather is ideal for children and prices are at their lowest that month – less than €75 each for a group of 9 with everything included! Yes, that’s a full day aboard a beautiful, modern Rinker sports boat with captain, fuel and water sports plus unlimited beer, wine, soft drinks included. Not to mention an unforgettable day out discovering the sparkling Balearic coastline. Or for a more relaxed outing, groups of 12 can hire our beautiful Camargue Sunseeker 47ft yacht for a sumptuous sunset cruise for around €70 each, all inclusive. Enjoy the best of ancient, traditional Ibiza and modern, luxury Ibiza in one weekend!

Thanks to Xescu Prats and the Consell of Ibiza for kind permission to reproduce images

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