1. If I want to enquire about hiring a boat, what information do you need?As much as possible, number of people in your group. Budget available, date, event and preferred boat type, if any.
  2. I have looked on your website, but I am undecided what boat to choose. HELP !!The first thing to consider is your budget. Be realistic with this. The second thing is the boats capacity.
  3. I have found a boat I like, but it’s not big enough to accommodate the group. I have looked at your larger options but they seem too big! 

    The solution to this is taking two smaller boats out in tandem. Our popular options are the 2 x Rinker Sports boats for 18 guests. or the Sunseeker Camargue + Rinker sports for up to 21 guests.When boats go out in tandem, they are together at all times (except when moving from place to place) so the group is never separated. This is a great combination, as we often find with larger groups that people prefer to do different things. This package allows one boat to be used for wake-boarding/water-ski/inflatable donut and the other for relaxing. The group are free to swap between boats as they wish.

  4. The boat we want does not hold your group size, is there a way can we expand the boats capacity? 

    All our boats are strictly licensed, so it only possible to allow the stated number of people on board, the solution?You can hire another boat to tandem your chosen vessel, allowing for the extra guests.

  5. Can you accommodate families/groups with children? 

    Yes. Children find the experience exhilarating and great fun (see testimonials). Furthermore all our vessels come fully equipped with children’s life jackets. For young children we do recommend that they are supervised one to one by an adult.

  6. Can we hire a boat with out a captain? 

    Yes. Some small speed-boats are available to suitably qualified skippers.

  7. Can transport be arranged to/ from my beach bar or restaurant event?Yes. It is possible to hire a water taxi opposed to hiring a boat for the day. This fast efficient service gets you to your destination in style.
  8. What is included in the price stated on the website?Each individual boat page on our website and the information sent to you via email explains what is included in the price, if you’re in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask.
  9. At what times does our trip start?Start times for full days are on request, though usually between 10am and 1pm. Unless stated otherwise. Some boats offer various start times. i.e. the Rinker Sports boat and the Catamarans. See the individual boat pages for this information.
  10. Can we pay extra to extend our trip?Yes we are flexible whenever possible. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.
  11. We want our boat to pick us up from a different location, is this possible?Yes, however it is sometimes not time or cost effective to relocate a boat from its mooring. Circumstances are different for each vessel, so do ask.
  12. If our trip is for 8 hours, do we have to pay for 8 hours fuel?No. Fuel charges are only accumulated when the engine is running.
  13. Where can we go, what can we do on board?A typical day trip aboard one of our comfortable and modern boats can include many activities, our captain will tailor the day to suit your preferences.

    For those who charter Water-sport/speed-boats and want a shot of adrenalin in your boat trip around Ibiza, our instructor can teach wake-boarding and water-skiing or just for fun and laughs, try the inflatable donut!

    Take advantage of our snorkel equipment and enjoy exploring the hidden depths of the glorious Mediterranean sea and its colourful marine life.

    Wind down, relax and sunbathe, lazily watching the sun sparkle on the crystalline sea around you while enjoying a refreshing drink, or swim to a deserted virgin beach or cove.

    Be taken to hidden caves and islands that few have visited or to the mystic landmarks of Ibiza, Es Vedra and Atlantis (see: Island info).

    For lunch why not stop at one of the many beautiful beach-bars or restaurants (many have tender service) or maybe onboard catering (large boats only).

    On a full day charter, Boats Ibiza can take you to the stunning Islands of Formentera and Es Palmador, a tiny idyllic paradise island to the North of Formentera, which has natural mud baths with therapeutic properties.

    Then for a perfect end to a perfect day, enjoy a few beers, a bottle of wine or champagne anchored amongst the rich and famous, outside Mambo’s and Café Del Mar , (or if you prefer a more private setting, may we suggest a secluded cove) watching the legendary Ibiza sunset.

  14. We prefer to bring our own music, are we able to bring our own and will be able to plug in any device?Yes, all our boats have AUX leads which allow you to connect any device to our sound systems.
  15. Are drinks unlimited on all boats?No. Please check ‘price includes’ on the individual boat page. Some boats offer complimentary drinks, while others have drinks packages or paying bar. If you’re not sure, please ask.
  16. Can we bring our drinks on board?On many of our boats it is possible, though please always ask in advance just to be sure.
  17. Can we bring food onto the boat?We find that rather than having the inconvenience of preparing and transporting their own food, many people prefer to enjoy a leisurely lunch off-board in one of the many excellent beach-bars and restaurants along the way, that cater for a wide range of tastes and budgets. With this in mind, along with varying availability of on-board storage space, we would strongly advise our guests to avoid bringing their own food.
  18. Can you arrange on-board catering for large groups?Yes. We can provide a full package to cater for everything, from nibbles to veritable banquets at very competitive rates. Please contact us for details of the menus.
  19. Can we order Champage/ Prosecco/ Cava? its a special occasion!Yes. We can provide all at cost price.
  20. What deposit do I need to pay to secure my reservation?We require 50% of the total amount for a full day, payable by bank transfer to confirm your reservation.
  21. Can we pay the deposit by credit card?Yes, we accept all cards except AMEX. Also a 2.75% fee applies.
  22. How far in advance do we need to book?As far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment, especially in high season when demand is particularly high and many confirmed reservations are already in place. We remind guests that until a deposit is received into our accounts, the booking is not confirmed and can be lost. We usually require the deposit to be paid no later than one week after the booking is made.
  23. What if we want to to make a last minute booking?We can sometimes accommodate last-minute bookings. Please call +34 663745520 for availability and details.
  24. What happens if our trip can not go ahead due to bad weather?In this unlikely event, we will try and reschedule the day at your convenience. If this is impossible you will be given a refund.