2 x boats in tandem is when 2 boats are booked together

Sometimes your chosen boat is not large enough for your group. A simple solution is…add another boat and take the 2 x boats in tandem!

Increased capacity

Adding a Rinker sports boat tandem to either our 47′ Sunseeker Camargue, 60′ Sunseeker Predator or 49′ Sunseeker Portofino for example, increases the group capacity from 12 x guests to 21.

Mixed interests

Perhaps your group is large and of mixed interests? Some may want to relax, chill and sunbathe to gentle music. Others may prefer to be noisier, more boisterous and lean towards more adrenaline fuelled activities. In this case, the perfect solution is 2 x boats in tandem.

Boats always stay together

The advantage of 2 x boats in tandem is that because the boats are always together, guests are free to swap between the two. It’s ideal to use one boat to relax and the other for water sports. Double the fun!

Our most popular tandem add-on is the fabulous Rinker Sports boat. This boat comes equipped with waterskis, wakeboard, snorkel gear, inflatable donut and adds + 9 capacity to your booking.