Cafe Mambo opens this weekend: hello summer Ibiza 2016!

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This weekend, Friday May 13th 2016, sees the hotly anticipated re-opening of San Antonio’s iconic sunset strip temple, Café Mambo. The massive headliner is Guy Gerber and the vibe is going to be electric with this legendary Ibiza opening party kicking off as it does, the San Antonio worker’s summer season. It’s an occasion where thousands of people come together for the first time that year, to pay homage to that beautiful Balearic sunset as she slips over the horizon once again to rapturous applause, accompanied by some of the world’s finest DJs spinning their sublime sounds across that famous terrace.

Café Mambo is an Ibiza classic, pure and simple. If you look sharp, you’ll probably see the Mambo brothers themselves and quite possibly their parents, sipping a cool drink and mingling with staff and their many visitors from all over the world. Despite Café Mambo’s global stage and huge popularity, make no mistake, this is a family business through and through. It’s a very cool aspect of Café Mambo that it’s owned by Ibiza residents whose business contributes positively to the economy of the whole island.

True story. As a fledgling Ibiza obsessive, many years ago, this blogger worked there one season as a waiter. Quite aside from the amazing summer I had, I’ll never forget one hot week in September, my mother came for a visit. Javier, father of the Mambo brothers, creator of Café Mambo and very much my BIG boss at the time, presented my mother (a pensioner) with complimentary tickets for Flower Power that night at Pacha and sent a chilled bucket of Sangria over to our table with his compliments. That wonderfully kind and old-school gentlemanly gesture made my mother’s entire holiday. How cool is that?

Perhaps it’s the big heart behind Café Mambo that creates such a warm vibe there. Not to mention the cocktails (mines a strawberry daiquiri please), the music and of course, the incredibly beautiful sunset.

The opening party is not to be missed! We, of course, will be on one of those boats you see bobbing around the coastline, toasting sunset with a chilled glass of cava and a huge smile, as we do, before rocking up to dry land to enjoy this monster of an opening party. Care to join us? Groups of x 9 can take a sunset cruise for less than €50 fully inclusive per person right now. Groups of 12 can take our 47ft Sunseeker Camargue yacht on a sunset cruise for around just €75 per person fully inclusive. Yes, even drinks!

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