Come dine with us: aboard our 89ft Arno Leopard yacht Disco Volante

Captain Michael and crew Disco Volante Ibiza

Imagine dining al fresco. Above you, only the brilliant blue sky. Below you, the transparent, silky depths of the beautiful Balearic sea. To your left, the pine-clad mountains of Ibiza, to your right, the Caribbean looking turquoise waters and white sands of Formentera. Could this be the most exclusive, romantic dining experience in Ibiza?

A discreet, smartly dressed crew member wordlessly replenishes your chilled cava, whilst the freshest local produce is being cooked to perfection by your resident Chef, Michael. Who also happens to be your Captain.

“What??” You gasp! “A Captain who is also a Chef? Impossible!”

Not so, dear reader! Because you see, Captain Michael is no ordinary Captain and Disco Volante is no ordinary yacht. And dining aboard this stunning vessel, is an experience second to none.

collage food Disco Volante Ibiza

One could say that Captain Michael likes things done properly. On the other hand, you could say he’s an absolute out-and-out utter perfectionist. The second would be more accurate. To him, being the captain of a yacht like Disco Volante, with her sumptuous Italian design, well-equipped kitchen and stylish extras, is like being the conductor of a finely rehearsed orchestra.

Disco Volante 89ft yacht Boats Ibiza

The chrome must be polished until Snow White’s wicked stepmother herself would covet it for a mirror. The sumptuous leather seating, always plump and pristine. The wood finishes gleam with the fruits of old-fashioned elbow grease and the diligent attention lavished upon it by Michael’s dedicated crew. The Funktion One sound system and CDJ2000’s are engineered for the most discerning of eardrums.

Disco Volante, of course, must be handled expertly, she was, after all, commissioned by Roman Abramovich and deserves to be handled with the greatest care and expertise. This blogger has witnessed experienced, fellow Captains watch open-mouthed as Micheal manoeuvres every inch of those gleaming 89 feet of luxury yacht with mind-boggling precision.

Leopard IbizaTown

“How on earth do you execute that manoeuvre, Micheal?” They demand. “Experience.” Is his single worded, enigmatic reply, accompanied by just the suggestion, of a twinkle, in his eye. And his skill with the steering wheel, dear reader, is just the beginning.

Michael loves good food you see. He loves eating it and he loves preparing it. Demanding only the best quality, fresh local produce (that to our good fortune, the Balearic Sea and rich, red earth of Ibiza provide in abundance) what he loves best is watching his guest’s wide-eyed delight, as he presents them with his beautifully presented, culinary creations.

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Add a gentle sea breeze and the perhaps the best views on the entire planet and voila! The words ‘best seats in the house’ take on a whole new meaning.

Reassuringly expensive, Disco Volante brings an exceptional air of exclusivity to any occasion when only the very best is good enough. For those who are looking for the full Balearic yachting experience, with her 4 beautiful double berths, she’s the floating hotel of your dreams.

Available for hire throughout the summer 2016 season. Enquire here or call us direct on +34 663745520

food collage Ibiza

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