5 beautiful Dutch fashion bloggers, 3 boats and 1 Ibiza sunset | Cala Bassa steals the show

renting a yacht in Ibiza Comanche Sunseeker

If you haven’t yet experienced the beauty, magnetism and all round magic of an Ibiza sunset by boat, an afternoon in Cala Bassa would be an excellent place to start. As found out by 5 lovely Dutch influencers: Laura van TillJint van den Brink, Frederique Bos, Kelpa Raza and Wendy van Soest who collectively put out a wide variety of content on lifestyle, fashion and travel to a huge fan base. Kudos. Obviously, up for the challenge to blow their socks off, the Boats Ibiza team presented them a beautiful sunset tour on the luxury of our most regal 47 foot Sunseeker Camargue combined with the excitement of the Rinker speedboat in tandem.

Cala Bassa Dutch bloggers

Cala Bassa Dutch bloggers


The girls had come over to Ibiza to see what was on offer and Captains Paul and Chris did not disappoint straight off the bat, with some real showboating (no pun intended) once we had cleared the San Antonio docks. The wake from the Camargue giving the perfect lift to really show what the Rinker had under the bonnet. As an onlooker, I can definitely say the girls were pleasantly amused by the peacocking on display.

After a good show, the boys stuck ‘em in cruise control and got us off to our relaxing destination of Cala Bassa, where we laid anchor. The drinks flowed, a beautiful sushi spread was put out for our most welcome guests and the chillout tunes pumped. The mood was thoroughly set up at the front sunbathing pads on the expansive deck of that swanky Sunseeker yacht.

Cala Bassa dutch bloggers

Cala Bassa Dutch bloggers

Beautiful Waters of Cala Bassa

As is the usual hard life of international bloggers and influencers, the sun gleamed down as the ladies were able to capture some great stills and even have a go on some of the water sports equipment on board. The stand-up paddle board and kayak were whipped out for some glorious action shots with the glassy waters of Cala Bassa in the background. If that isn’t worth a few new followers I don’t know what is!

Cala Bassa Dutch bloggers

As dusk started to roll in the captains deliberated the best course of action to return inland. En route we stopped to take in the calm of some of the caves that can only be reached by boat and really enjoy the unique experience on offer. Kudos to the captains for reading the conditions and timing sunset perfectly, it really wouldn’t have been possible without their expert know-how.

Cala Bassa Dutch bloggers

Captain Paul really opened the engines up again for an exhilarating ride into the shore. As the engines roared and the Chaparelle went into overdrive, one of the girls, Laura, disclosed that this was her first time ever on a boat (whilst clutching with white knuckles onto the back of the seat). Good skills! After that, any worry she previously had evidently melted away and was replaced with pure enjoyment and exhilaration. What a way to break your duck!

Cala Bassa Dutch bloggers

A sunset to remember

Then comes the climax of the trip, we reaching the shore of San Antonio’s legendary sunset strip and the hustle bustle of the crowd that routinely form for sunset from Café Mambo is in plain sight. I hear one of the girls faintly ask; “All these people come out for the sunset every day?” Then as her eyes scan from the coast and the people to the sunset in question she realised why.

Ibiza is a special place, some of us get to call it home and the rare few will only visit once, but I don’t think any sunset will compare to your first sight of her from your front row seat on the Balearic Sea.

Cala Bassa Dutch bloggers

Words | Luke Savva   Images | Hector Piñol

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