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Cala Conta, or to give it its official Catalan name, Platges de Comte, is without a doubt one of Boats Ibiza’s tippity-top locations.

We absolutely love it.

Our guests love it.

And with good reason.

Read on to find out what makes Cala Conta so special and how to make sure you have the best possible time there.

Getting to Cala Conta

Cala Conta Ibiza

If you opt to drive to Cala Conta, you’ll find it just a 15-minute journey from the town of San Antonio.

But please listen up. There are some important points to bear in mind if you’re arriving by car.

First of all, there is no longer a car park as such at Cala Conta; all parking is now in the sand dunes.

Take a left just before the beach and head to where you see all the other cars are parked.

But be aware! Parking is notoriously difficult here with complicated manoeuvres aplenty to challenge even the most competent of drivers.

Yes, yes, we know you’re perfectly capable of navigating your way around, but not everyone is as cool as you! Car prangs are common, as are busted chassis.

We say don’t even contemplate it if you haven’t opted for full insurance on your hire car.

Cala Conta Ibiza

If you do want to avoid the hassle of driving in, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a regular bus service from San Antonio.

But by far the coolest way to travel to Cala Conta is by boat. Ferries depart regularly from the harbour in San Antonio, making stops at various hotels along the Bay on their way to Cala Conta.

Better yet, why not charter your very own boat?

It might initially sound like an extravagance, but we reckon you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable boat rental in Ibiza can be. Especially if there’s a bunch of you and you can split the cost with your bezzies.

Cala Conta Ibiza Medina

No traffic jams.

No nightmare parking.

No lugging your beach stuff around in the sweltering heat.

No negotiating your way through a crowded beach.

Just drop anchor and enjoy the vibe and the views in complete relaxation and luxury.


Cala Conta Beach

Considered by many to be one of Ibiza’s best beaches, Cala Conta is popular with all ages and tends to attract a very multicultural crowd.

Cala Conta Ibiza

There are two main coves here, one backed by a rugged, rocky coastline, the other by picturesque sand dunes.

Natural Beauty

It’s no exaggeration to say that words can scarcely do justice to the magnificent, natural beauty awaiting you at Cala Conta.

Sparkling crystal clear turquoise waters and thick white sand. Not to mention the panoramic views of the islets of Es Bosc, Sa Conillera, Ses Bledes and S’Espartar.

We’re talking picture-postcard perfection.

Prestigious environmental award

Cala Conta Ibiza

The transparent sea at Cala Conta is perfect for snorkelling and diving with plenty of colourful marine life to be found in the rocky areas. The shallow waters make for safe bathing, especially for the little ones, but do be aware that there are very strong currents here so swimming in the open sea is not advisable.

With great facilities, including sun loungers, parasols, pedalos, showers, toilets, lifeguards on duty and access for the disabled – not to mention the cool bars and restaurants – Cala Conta has all the boxes ticked for a perfect Ibiza beach day.

In 2010, Cala Conta became one of Ibiza’s 15 beaches to be awarded a prestigious Blue Flag, meaning that it meets the stringent standards of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Stunning sunsets

Ibiza boat trip at sunset

Not surprisingly, this ever-popular beach does get very busy in the summer so the best times to arrive are early morning or later in the afternoon.

And later in the afternoon would be our best suggestion.

Why do we say this?

Because not only is Cala Conta one of the coolest beaches in Ibiza, it is also one of the best places to catch one of the island’s famed sunsets.

And that, ladies and gents, is a guaranteed perfect end to a perfect day.

Best places to eat at Cala Conta

Sunset Ashram

It is impossible to miss the iconic Sunset Ashram, perched as it is on the highest point between Cala Conta’s two main coves.

This elevated position affords the most spectacular views of this stunningly beautiful bay in its entirety as you can see in the video above.

And, as its name implies, Sunset Ashram is often considered (amongst those in the know) as possibly the best place to catch an Ibiza sunset. With the focus here very much on connecting with nature (indeed, the restaurant itself looks as though it organically emerged from the cliff below it, already fully formed), it is more a case of feeling, rather than just watching, that magical moment when the sun sinks into the sea.

If you’re into photography, then you’ll be heaven during golden hour.

cala conta sunset ashram


Music also plays a big part in creating the laid-back, bohemian vibe that Sunset Ashram is famed for. Resident DJs are behind the decks during the day with popular local guest DJs providing the soundtrack for the sunset sessions.

The restaurant’s extensive menu features an interesting and imaginative range of Mediterranean, Indian and Japanese cuisine. There is a separate menu for daytime and evening dining, with both menus catering well for vegetarians and vegans.

Admittedly, cheap, it ain’t. But we say for the whole experience, the vibe and the overall yumminess, it is well worth every cent.

The fact that there is rarely a free table to be found in the place would seem to corroborate that and, as such, it is absolutely essential to book in plenty of time on 0034 661 34 72 22.

TIP: If you are lusting after that carefree and stylish Ibiza “look”, you will definitely want to check out the beach boutique here. This is where you will find all the finest Boho creations. Again, not cheap, but absolutely 100% spot-on!

Restaurante S’illa d’es Bosc

Cala Conta Ibiza

Translating as “the forest island” Restaurante S’illa d’es Bosc is named after the island that lies in front of it.

This is a far more traditional restaurant than Sunset Ashram serving mainly typical Spanish food and local Ibiza dishes.

Specialising in fresh fish, rice and Paella, S’illa d’es Bosc boasts an extensive and varied menu with some vegetarian options.

And we have it on good authority that their home-made desserts are to die for!

This is another fabulous place to take in those wide panoramic views of the west coast of Ibiza with the picturesque islets dotted in the twinkling sea.

Open every day until the end of October from 12.00 – 16.00, then 19.00 – 23.00, S’illa d’es Bosc is warm and friendly and absolutely perfect for all the family.

Their goal is to offer their customers, many of them friends, a warm and refined cuisine in lovely surroundings.

A goal which they have clearly achieved with bells on.

Restaurante Ses Roques

Cala Conta Ibiza

It’s yet another Cala Conta restaurant in a stunning location, folks!

Restaurante Ses Roques is one of the most romantic restaurants on Ibiza, we’ll have you know. So much so that it is a popular choice of venue for wedding celebrations.

With uninterrupted views of the intense turquoise blue coastline, and the islets of Es Bosc and Sa Conillera sitting pretty in front of the terrace, Ses Roques has a lovely relaxed vibe with warm and friendly service.

The wide-ranging menu is based on genuine Mediterranean products and the restaurant prides itself on using only those of the highest quality.

Ses Roques specialises in authentic Ibiza seafood dishes, such as Paella and Bullit de Peix (an incredibly delicious fish stew) but there is a huge variety of choice available. Everything from meats and stews, seafood and fresh fish, rice and salads and, of course, plenty of delicious desserts.

Oh, and a pretty impressive wine/champagne list, too.

Make sure you book your table in advance by calling 0034 971 80 60 50

Cool places to visit near Cala Conta

Cala Contita

Cala contita or cala escondida ibiza

Cala Contita is Cala Conta’s little sister beach.

And, believe us when we say she’s very much the wild and free little sister!

Walk along the cliff top at Cala Conta heading south and keep your eyes peeled for some stone steps that wind their way down to the wonderfully pretty bay of Cala Contita.

Unadulterated natural beauty, incredible Caribbean-like sea and a chilled-to-the-max hippy/rasta vibe where nudey sunbathing is the norm.

Cala Conta & surrounding area

The rustic little chiringuito – Bar Escondido – is a lovely stop to sit and chat with friends & admire the magnificent surroundings. They serve a good but basic range of drinks & snacks at reasonable prices too 😉

You will find a few sun loungers here but it is advisable to take a towel as Cala Contita is all about being at one with nature!

Cala conta ibiza and surrounding area

Rave Cave

If you are lucky enough to be cruising around the coastline of Cala Conta on a boat, a little further south again, and you will soon come across that famous, mythical cave, home of the legendary Ibiza “Rave in a Cave” parties.

The cave is also famous for sunset yoga sessions and, at a certain time of the year, offers a simultaneous view of the sun and the moon through its wide and rocky mouth.

Even if you’re not on a boat, the cave can be reached by foot if you walk carefully along the coastline for a little while.


Around 3 km from Cala Conta on the hill above Cala Codolar, is one of Ibiza’s most impressive and eccentric monuments.

Ibiza-Henge consists of 13 huge Basalt columns arranged in a semi-circle which vaguely resemble England’s Stonehenge.

Created by Australian artist, Andrew Rogers and commissioned by Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy Laliberte (who lives right next door), the monument was erected in 2014.

A great deal of mystery and controversy surround the purpose and the meaning of the sculpture. Some folk think it’s a compass whilst others believe it is a signal or landing zone for UFOs.


But whatever its meaning, Ibiza-Henge is a unique and awe-inspiring sight that is well worth checking out. Situated on the west facing cliffs, the best time to visit is early evening when the basalt columns change colour as daylight fades and the rays of the setting sun reflect off the gold leaf tip of the central column.

Now, that’s not a sight you see every day.

Cala Conta Ibiza & surrounding area

And that, ladies & gents, is pretty much everything we know about Cala Conta. All in one easy read, for you.

We do hope that you’ve enjoyed it and can understand now why we love this part of the island so much.

100% guaranteed Bohemian Ibiza sunsets every day.

Jaw-dropping natural beauty.

Crystal clear turquoise waters.

Fabulous restaurants.

Quirkiness and wildness.

Pure Ibiza through and through. Enjoy!

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