Top 5 Ibiza sunsets from a boat

Don Diablo on a boat in Ibiza at sunset

Ibiza sunsets | 5 of the very best

Whilst, of course, the entire planet needs the sun’s life-giving heat and light, the history and culture of Ibiza are more intimately bound up with this great cosmic fireball than the average location. And as you might imagine, the Boats Ibiza Captains and crew have certainly seen quite a few (thousand) Ibiza sunsets in our time. Who else is more qualified to spill the beans about where the best Ibiza sunsets are to be found?

So huddle in close, m’hearties.

Here’s a list of our favourite Ibiza sunset locations in no particular order, along with a little bit of Ibiza myth, history & legend thrown in for good measure.

Scroll to the end, and we wrap it all up to give you the low-down on the best boats to rent for an awesome Ibiza sunset session.

Let’s go!

Las Salinas

To go back in time chronologically, let’s rewind around 2400 years to the height of the peaceful, prosperous Carthaginian empire. The Carthaginians were above all, a cultured people and great sailors who sailed from the north coast of Africa (what is now Tunisia) on huge ships carrying merchandise to sell along the Mediterranean coast.

6 best Ibiza sunsets

Conveniently en route was Ibiza, blessed with a beautiful landscape, natural harbours perfect for repairing ships and best of all, the salt plains of the south. And humble salt, dear reader, was crucial for ancient sailors to be able to preserve enough food to travel the long distances necessary for successful trade and subsequent prosperity. The hot sun and shallow plains of the south combined to produce abundant salt for their voyages. The channels they dug to encourage the salt to form and dry naturally in the sun have little changed little, even today.

Sunsets at Las Salinas have a slightly unreal quality. The sun’s reflection in the still, glassy water of the salt plains coupled with the incredible colours of sunset and a musical birdsong accompaniment to rival a classical symphony, combine to make you drop your mouth (and possibly your camera) in astonishment. If you go during late summer, you may even see the flocks of pink Flamingos that stop there to rest and recharge each year on their migratory path to warmer climes.

At certain times of the year (winter, actually, since you ask) you can see the sunset and the full moonrise at the same time. That’s pretty special, we can guarantee.

For more info about Las Salinas, check out our detailed guide right here.

6 best ibiza sunsets

Es Vedra & Atlantis

During the time of Carthaginian rule, the island of Ibiza was appointed a protector goddess, Tanit, goddess of the moon and consort to the Sun God, Baal. It is said that worshippers of Tanit would climb down the steep mountain to Atlantis, facing Es Vedra, and leave gifts in return for favours from her.

Atlantis Ibiza

The sunset was said to mark the temporary waning of the Sun God’s masculine energy and the awakening of the feminine powers of the moon goddess. Strangely enough, Atlantis itself is said to resemble a moonscape, with its sunbleached white sand dunes and pale grey, pitted rocks.

Watching the sunset with Atlantis and Es Vedra as a backdrop makes you feel like you’ve slipped back in time.  Any favours to ask Tanit? Sunset around Es Vedra & Atlantis is the right place and the right time, ladies and gents (especially if there’s a full moon that night)!

6 best ibiza sunsets

ibiza sunset with es vedra in the background

Cala Conta

Ahhh, Cala Conta. The sunset point of choice for not just many islanders, but for thousands of visitors who make a pilgrimage here year after year. The ever-popular Sunset Ashram, with its almost Gaudiesque architecture, looks like it organically emerged from the rust coloured rocks beneath it, already fully formed. Such is the harmony between the structure and its surroundings.

Sunset Ashram Cala Conta Ibiza

The restaurant next door, Ses Roques, albeit less fabulously bohemian looking, serves some of the best seafood on the island. As well as being undoubtedly one of the most stunning, natural beaches in Ibiza, there is also a tiny sister beach next-door, Cala Contita or Cala Escondida, as it’s sometimes known (nudist). Here, you’ll find the unadulterated natural beauty and colours of the sea quite incredible and the small beach bar here serves up some lovely, simple plates at very reasonable prices.

More recently, the brand new 7 Pines resort has opened its opulent doors, catering to higher-end taste (and higher budgets). It is, without a doubt, a beautiful spot to sit, sip a cocktail and watch the sun’s silent descent into the sea.

6 best ibiza sunsets

For those adventurous enough to walk along the coastline for a little while or for those lucky souls cruising around the island on a boat or yacht, you’ll soon come across the famous cave, home of the legendary Ibiza ‘Rave in a Cave’ parties.

These are just a few reasons why sunset at Cala Conta is an absolute must. And, for a more in-depth look at the Cala Conta and the surrounding area, check out this detailed article with everything you ever wanted or needed to know!

Sunset strip

Today, huge numbers of visitors descend upon San Antonio’s sunset strip to watch the sun slip beneath the horizon to spontaneous (and often emotional) applause. It’s quite a moment to be swept up in. But few realise that San Antonio is an ancient settlement, at least 2000 years old and originally arose from the Roman port of Portus Magnus. The Roman period of rule was famous mainly for the destruction of Tanit’s temple in Dalt Vila, the extortion of huge taxes on salt production and for leaving the island vulnerable to constant invasion.

6 best ibiza sunsets

Their empire of course, finally collapsed and poor old ancient Ibiza went through some pretty turbulent times with much raping and pillaging of its neglected, vulnerable population. Happily, today’s Ibiza does not feature marauding killer pirates – you’re quite safe! Whether you’re sat in Café Mambo listening to world-class DJs, enjoying a cocktail in Café del Mar or sipping champagne on one of the glistening boats and yachts dotting the coastline, sunset on the strip is an iconic Ibiza moment. Definitely one for the bucket list.

6 best ibiza sunsets


For around 500 years, from the 8th to 13th century, Ibiza was under Islamic rule. By all accounts, this was one of Ibiza’s most cultured, peaceful and prosperous periods. The island was known for its art and culture and was the birthplace and home of one of the epoch’s most important and decorated poets, Al-Sabbini. There are several locations in Ibiza with the prefix ‘Beni’ – a prefix with Arabic roots and a good indicator that the place concerned was significant to the island’s Islamic era. Benirras falls exactly into this category.

Sunset at Benirras has a distinctly ancient feel to it, with its drummers beating out tribal rhythms with roots in centuries gone by as people dance with wild abandon and the sun slips behind the rock known locally as the ‘hand of God.’ A legendary Ibiza sunset.

Ibiza sunsets best by boat

Best boats to rent for an awesome Ibiza sunset session

There is no better way of catching an Ibiza sunset than from the bow of a boat. A private boat. With just you and your favs and lashings of bubbly, beer or whatever tickles your fancy. After all, wine, beer, bubbly and soft drinks are included in all of our top 12 boat deals. Oh yes!

Prices start from €545 for a sunset session on one of our smaller speedboats, such as the Cranchi 31, capacity x 7. Or, you might prefer the added luxury of a Sunseeker yacht, capacity x 12, from just €945. Both prices include Captain, 21% tax, 1-hour fuel and all your drinks.

I’m sure you’ve done the math, ladies and gents. You can get a private sunset on a boat from less than €80 each.

No brainer.

renting a yacht in ibiza sunseeker camargue

Click on any of these links for more details:

Sunset session for x 7 from €545: Cranchi 31 OR Sunseeker Portofino 33

Sunset session for x 9 from €845: 40′ Sunseeker Comanche

Sunset session for x 12 from €945: 47′ Sunseeker Camargue OR 49′ Sunseeker Portofino

Ibiza boat sunset

Words | Jane C

Lead image DJ Diablo | DJMagazine  (catch his live set from Disco Volante right here). To rent Disco Volante click here for more info.

Images of Benirras & Salinas | Unknown (please let us know if you do so we can give credit!)

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