Vikings warrior Torvi aka Georgia Hirst & friends cruise Ibiza & Formentera for sunset

vikings warrior Torvi

Vikings, fierce and predatory, are said to have once roamed the Iberian coast. Very little is known about exactly where in Spain the Vikings went or what they did, back in their heyday between the 8th and 11th centuries.

But one thing’s for sure. Nobody expected to find any Vikings roaming around on a boat off the coast of Ibiza & Formentera in this day and age!

Unless…it was another one of our…

Celebrity sailors | Vikings warrior Torvi

Oh yes! It was the very talented Georgia Hirst, star of History Channel’s fantastically popular historical drama, Vikings – the actress who brought the series’ fierce, warrior-queen character, Torvi, magnificently to life.

Here she is in action.

Her watery chariot of choice? The beautiful 49′ Sunseeker Portofino motor yacht. Destination, Formentera.

Good call!

We love… Torvi’s gang

Georgia arrived punctually at our meeting point in Marina Botafoc, along with dear friend & manager Sophie and – to our surprise and delight – personal guests, Sarah Broadbent & Andy Livesey.

Now then. Anyone who lives in Ibiza will know that Sarah and Andy are both pretty much living legends here on the White Isle. Sarah, along with husband Mark were the A-Team promoters who brought the unforgettable We Love Space on Sundays to the island. Space nightclub’s longest-running and arguably, most enduringly popular & iconic event. Oh, how we all miss those raucous and squiffy Sunday afternoons on the outdoor terrace (sobs quietly)!

Vikings warrior Torvi

Pikes Hotel

After Space closed its doors for the last time back in October 2016, Sarah moved to the iconic Pikes Hotel to become their events manager. A quick glance at Pikes’ brilliant line-ups all summer will show you that Sarah is still very much at the top of her game. You’ll find a mind-boggling selection of some of the best DJs in the land spinning their magic on Pikes’ eccentric, glamour-infused, inimitable ones & twos. Best of all, entrance is usually guest-list only, over 25s and 100% gratis. Check out Pikes’ Facebook page right here and feast your eyes on some mighty fine events.

Tales of the Unexpected

As for veteran Ibiza DJ Andy, well, you can find him playing a wicked bunch of tunes all over the island, from the Zoo Project on Sundays, at Ibiza Town’s supercool hangout, Paradise Lost, regular spots at San Antonio’s sunset mecca, Hostal de la Torre and of course, Tales of the Unexpected to be found on Sundays at Pikes. An event which is, in our humble opinion, the natural descendant of We Love Space on Sundays.

Along with Mark Broadbent, Andy’s also one half of The Brothers GrimIf you haven’t yet experienced one of their delightfully quirky, decades-spanning sets, you haven’t really done Ibiza properly, ladies & gents.

And in fact, Andy treated us all to his personal playlist on the boat. A simple case of plugging his trusty mobile phone into the Portofino’s nifty sound system. I can reveal that younger brother Grim’s playlist included Peggy Lee‘s Fever and a couple of Bob Dylan‘s finest, among many other equally fine & classically fat tunes.

Vikings warrior Torvi

To say we were most honoured to take this particularly talented bunch of folk out for a sunset trip to Formentera is putting it mildly, m’hearties.

Cava & chocolate fondue

As always, we can’t tell you very much about the trip, because what happens on the boat most certainly stays on the boat. What I can tell you though, is that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the chilled Freixenet cava & that the extremely debonair Cap’n Nick excelled himself by whipping out his signature dish – chocolate fondue (melted by the heat of the sun) with local strawberries.

Move over, 007.

Vikings warrior Torvi

Mini-interview with Georgia

After a sublime sunset en route back from Formentera to Ibiza, your intrepid Boats Ibiza bloggers managed to have a lovely chat with Georgia about what she loves most about Ibiza.

Qu: So tell us Georgia, when did you first visit Ibiza and what made you want to come back?

I visited last year for the first time and I just loved the vibe of the place. Coming back this year was a no-brainer.

Qu: What’s your favourite place to have lunch on the island? 

Cotton Beach is my favourite beach club – delicious sushi and amazing live music!

Qu: What’s your favourite Ibiza restaurant for a glamorous pre-clubbing dinner?

I’d probably say STK gets you pumped up ready for a night out… mood lighting, club bangers… and they do good margaritas too!

Qu: Where’s your favourite place to stay when you’re in Ibiza?

I’ve loved staying at TBH Naeco this year but I’ve heard good things about ME Ibiza so wouldn’t mind testing that out in the future.

Qu: What’s your ideal Ibiza night out?

My ideal night out would be a light dinner, some sushi and a few cocktails and then onto a club – or a bit of David Guetta at Ushuaïa. As long as there’s good music I’m pretty easily pleased.

Qu: What’s your favourite place to catch a sunset?

It’s been amazing watching the sunset with you guys, Boats Ibiza! The views were insane! The whole team really looked after me and I’ll definitely be doing it again next time I’m in Ibiza. Amongst all the partying it felt like such a cool thing to do.

Qu: (Blushing) So you’ll be back next year, Georgia?

Lolz, I’ll probably be back next month!

Vikings warrior Torvi

The 49′ Sunseeker Portofino has a capacity of 12 + Captain and can be rented for a sunset trip to Formentera for just €995 including Captain, 21% IVA, 1 hr fuel and all drinks. More info, photos and enquiries right here.

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