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You may remember that we ran our ‘Ibiza lockdown heroes’ campaign back in June, freshly released from one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, dear shipmates.

Ibiza lockdown heroes

We knew from local social media groups that there had been countless acts of neighbourly kindness during the lockdown, here on the White Isle. There was a real sense of islanders coming together as a community and going above and beyond to be helpful, often giving freely of their time and resources to support others.

It was a wonderful sensation to feel the unanimous goodwill of the diverse Ibiza community, determined to help and protect one another from this microcosmic attacker that no one, at that time, knew anything about.

So upon our glorious release from confinement, we asked our fellow Ibiza residents to nominate a friend or neighbour for a free sunset charter, someone who’d really helped them through what was, for many, a difficult experience.

The nominations

We were bowled over by the nominations you sent us, and we’re delighted to announce that we do have a winner!

But before we spill the beans, we invite you to take a look at some of the nominations that were submitted to our socials across Facebook and Instagram. We think they speak for themselves. Disclaimer: it’s pretty heartwarming stuff 🙂

We’ve been waiting for the right moment to select a winner, and that day finally arrived when we recently hosted the Ibiza Spotlight team on a day out exploring our south-west route, for their last weekly report of the (tragically short) summer season. And yes, we took full advantage of having their ace film crew out with us.

And without further ado…

Click on the video below to see Ibiza Spotlight presenter, Katie Knight, pull our prize draw winner from the hat!

We are thrilled to announce the winning nomination, by Sabina Van Roy via Facebook.

Tricia Templeton, Lesley & friends for all the translations and updates during the lockdown. They deserve a break!

Warmest congratulations going out to Tricia, Lesley and friends and big thanks to Sabina Van Roy for the winning nomination.

A treat most richly deserved

Tricia and Lesley were actually nominated multiple times by different people, so well-known and appreciated is the help they have given, and continue to give, to so many of us who live here on the island. They’ve provided reliable, non-partisan and clear information to several local Ibiza resident groups during an exceptionally confused and worrying year. They’ve had their fingers on the pulse and have faithfully translated & reported all the latest official info.

All for zero money or reward of any kind and consistently executed with endless patience.

We know for a fact that we speak for many islanders when we shout THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help and for being true Ibiza lockdown heroes!

We can’t wait to spoil you rotten, Tricia, Lesley & friends, so please keep an eye on your messages, we’ll be in touch soon to organise your trip 🙂

To all the folk who took time to nominate a neighbour, and to all those good folk who were put forward, we offer massive thanks and the biggest, fattest high-fives.

Last few weeks of this very unusual season

To any residents or visitors who want to take a boat trip during these last few weeks of beautiful weather, we still have a couple of lovely Sunseekers in the water. We’re offering very generous discounts for the remainder of the season, so please don’t be shy, hit us up for a bargain quote.

WhatsApp +34 657 364 419 or fire us a quick enquiry.

To our friends all over the world, we send all of our warmest wishes & hope to see you happy, healthy & back in Ibiza for a glorious 2021!

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