Foodies ahoy! Ibiza Food Factory at Sluiz this weekend

Ibiza Food Factory

Are you one of lucky people in Ibiza this coming weekend? If so, proceed immediately to Ibiza Food Factory 2016! The day for your diary is Sunday 22nd May. Now in its 6th year, this cool event brings together some of the most succulent and imaginative cuisine on the island in a stylish, fun outdoor space. Ever noticed the blue and white cows grazing nonchalantly beside the Ibiza – Santa Gertrudis road? That’s Sluiz. You may be forgiven for driving straight past, albeit a tad curious about the strangely coloured bovine. But that, dear reader, would be a mistake!

Sluiz Ibiza is actually a furniture and design shop with a bar and restaurant attached. The reason they put a restaurant and bar there was surely because people just didn’t want to leave! It’s a fantastic place to be sure. Large, expansive and stuffed with the coolest, most irreverently customised, distressed, funky furniture-art you’ve ever seen. And this is not your average out-of-reach, forbidden-to-touch, arty-farty exclusivity, oh no. This collection is accessible, fun, there’s a sense of humour lurking in the most unexpected corners.

Cows Sluiz Ibiza

Santa Gertrudis, often missed by those based in Ibiza beach resorts is probably the coolest village on the island, stuffed full of a delightful mix of gorgeous boutiques, cosmopolitan restaurants, cool vegan options and local, rustic tapas bars. The ancient village church is well worth a look and many pleasant hours can be spent sat in the village plaza, where there’s a well-equipped playground usually stuffed full of local kids having a ball.

The vibe is both local and international around Santa Gertrudis and the same goes for Sluiz. Ibiza Food Factory is an event that whilst not on the radar of the usual tourist circuit, is one not be missed by those in the know 😉

Did we mention that there’s live jazz (niiice), theatre from Eat Your Heart Out and of course, live DJs?

The event begins at 12 midday and runs through until 6pm. There’s childcare for mums and dads who’d like to savour their culinary adventure without distraction and hey, it’s free entry. Get there early ladies and gents, it’s going to be busy.

The Boats Ibiza team do like a good nosh up. We’ll be there with bells on. Moooooo.

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