Groovy photography exhibition dedicated to ‘Dandy Andy’ Warhol tonight at Ibermaison Ibiza

Andy Warhol C Makos Mondo Galeria W

Art and photography lovers won’t want to miss this cool exhibition tonight at Ibermaison. A stunning and culturally significant collection of 20 digital pigment prints by the extremely talented Hilton Brothers, aka Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg.

All the prints are combinations of the artists’ pre-existing collections: Makos’ “Altered Image” portraits of Andy Warhol in 1981, combined with flower images from Solberg’s “Bloom” series. The Warhol pictures are a result of a collaboration between the artist and Makos, exploring the idea of identity. With characteristic eccentricity, Warhol experiments with his outer appearance and sometimes partially disguises himself by wearing make-up and a wig, elements that contrast with his everyday street clothes. At the time, Warhol himself declared:

“I’m not trying to look beautiful like Elizabeth Taylor, I’m trying to show what it feels like to be beautiful like Elizabeth Taylor.”

Oook Mr. Warhol! In the Dandy Andy collection to be featured this evening, these intriguing images are combined with Solberg’s beautifully sensitive flowers, creating a stunning dialogue between Makos’ and Solberg’s work. As Art critic, Peter Wise commented:

“Andy wasn’t the kind of dandy to wear a flower in his lapel, but as ANDY DANDY demonstrates, sometimes by just altering the image of one’s work or oneself, a new beauty blooms.”

This a rare opportunity to see a prestigious and internationally renowned collection in Ibiza. Ibermaison is a beautifully expansive, stunningly decorated space and a wonderful venue for this rather high-brow event. It’s easy to find ladies and gents. Coming from Ibiza Town, head towards San Antonio. When you see the large supermarket, Hiper Centro on the right, come off the main road onto the slip road. Go straight over the small roundabout and Ibimaison is the large design gallery on the first right-hand corner. Here’s a handy map, just in case.

The exhibition starts at 7.30pm and it’s our on-shore tip of the week friends, hope to see you there!

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