Ibiza fundraiser next week for young girl’s life changing surgery

Carly's charity event Ibiza

Imagine, if you will, that you’re 13 years old again. Remember that? Running around, discovering your abilities and passions for the first time, the whole dazzling potential of life beckoning excitingly on the horizon?

This is exactly where energetic teenager, 13-year-old Shanais Marks was at until December last year. Passionately dedicated to gymnastics, dancing, drama and singing, she was looking forward to a glittering, exciting future. A visit to the doctor a few months ago however, brought devastating news. To Shanais’ horror, she was diagnosed with double scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and a displaced hip.

The surgery available to treat this condition in the UK is the insertion of a ‘Spinal Fusion Rod.’ Sounds nasty, right? This far from ideal and frankly, outdated solution would render Shanais’ future dreams smashed. The rod would limit her flexibility (no more gymnastics for one) and would furthermore prevent her young spine from growing. Recovery time is many months and the procedure is hugely invasive, requiring surgeons to slice down the entire length of her back.

However, there is a much more advanced procedure available in the USA. VBT (Vertebral Body Tethering) would fix Shanais’ spinal curvature whilst allowing her spine to grow and giving her a full range of movement and flexibility. The surgery would involve just two small cuts beneath her arms and recovery time is just 6 weeks. The surgery costs a whopping £120,000.

Shanais’ concerned family and friends quickly rallied round, determined to try and raise the amount needed to give this much-loved young girl the opportunity to receive what for her would be a life-changing operation. The difference between a life of pain and disability and the kind of normal life that we all take for granted. One of those family members, cousin, Carly Marie Sorensen, just happens to be an Ibiza resident.

Big-hearted Carly has organised a family FUNdraiser (emphasis you’ll notice is on FUN!) at the Old Smugglers Inn, Cala de Bou, San Antonio, next Friday, 1st July from 16.00 – 21.00 to help raise funds for Shanais’ surgery. The event will be a fantastic day out for the whole family with live music, Karaoke and heaps of fun for the kids. Word has it, that (Ibiza) Elvis himself will be appearing 😉

Ibiza Elvis

The amazing folk from Ibiza Princess and Superhero Parties will be there, with the Ice Sisters leading an hour long party, their cousin Rapunzel to add to the fun and their dear friend Belle, who will be using her amazing face painting skills on the no doubt delighted kiddie crew!

Carly princesses

With typical generosity of spirit, the Ibiza business community have donated a range of fabulous prizes to be raffled for the cause on the day. Here’s a list of the prizes available – and the list is still growing.

Boats Ibiza – Sunset trip on a 47ft Sunseeker Camargue motor yacht for x 10
Tapas Restaurant – 50€ voucher.
Smugglers Inn – Dinner for two, bottle of wine.
45’s Playa D’En Bossa – Sunday roast for two plus wine.
Katie Brant, baker – Big carrot cake
Nick Gibbs, The Ibizan – Designer hat and Reinhard Meire bracelet
Sophie Painter- Handmade designer dress
The Workout Club – 3 weeks small group training
Circus Beauty Parlour – €50 voucher
Marie Duchar Clark – Brow tint and thread

And before those of you not able to make it on Friday shout NOOOOOOOO! Fear not! Shanais’ mum Shelley has set up a crowdfunding page for any kind-hearted souls who would like to leave a donation, however small. Every penny counts and the family are incredibly grateful to anyone wishing to help in any way.

What’s more, with every donation of €5 or more, you can also enter the raffle for 2 of the most coveted raffle prizes – a private Princess and Superhero party of your own, or a sunset cruise for x 10 on a 47ft Sunseeker motor yacht! Just make your donation and write either Ibiza Princess Party or Boats Ibiza in your comments.

Sunseeker Camargue Ibiza

It’s not often we get to make such a huge difference in a young person’s life. We warmly invite our readers to join us at the event, make a donation and/or share this article on your FB profile and spread the word. Hope to see you there, kind sailors!

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