Love & Peace, island style at Ibiza Spirit Festival

Ibiza Spirit Festival at Atzaró

Ibiza is an island of contrasts, a cosmopolitan blend of nationalities and personalities that together, create its fascinating cultural scene. The incredible diversity of lavish events on the island reflects the cultural melting pot that is Ibiza, and nowhere is this vibrant community more apparent that at the annual Ibiza Spirit festival, held every year on the 1st Sunday of October in the beautiful surrounds of Atzaró hotel and spa. For a map and exact location click here.

Organized by islanders Jerry Brownstein, his wife Sabina and David Moss, the festival falls this year on Sunday, October 2nd and as usual, promises a fantastic day out for the whole family with a dazzling array of workshops, therapies, information stalls, music and talks on offer. A small army of local volunteers give their time freely to make this event happen.

Fancy trying a Yoga class? Chanting? Tantra? Meditation? Creative dance? A sacred singing circle? Well jackpot, dear reader! This event is designed so that you get to participate in a wide variety of activities – either ones you already know and love or new activities you’ve always fancied a pop at but somehow never got round to…

Ibiza spirit celebration

It’s a celebration!

In our experience (yes, we go every year) the best thing about Ibiza Spirit festival is the fantastic, positive and vibrant ambiance you find yourself surrounded by, the moment you enter the grounds. This was and is, the organizers’ vision and passion – to create a wonderful, supportive and dynamic environment for the whole island to come together and consciously create the kind of World they would like to live in. It’s a day when the spirit of tolerance, open-mindedness and joyfulness is offered as a blueprint for the kind of World many wish for, which, on this colourful and heartwarming day, becomes a reality. As the organizers themselves explain:

“It’s a day to experience just how beautiful life can be.”

The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a non-profit organization, and all of the proceeds are used to support this event and other charities here on Ibiza. This year they will be helping the wonderful work that APNEEF does with special needs children. The Festival asks guests for a €10 contribution at the entrance which includes access to all activities (except therapists and readers who each ask for a small extra donation). The festival opens its doors at 11am and runs right through until late. At sunset, all workshops will finish and the Drummers of Ibiza (25 Benirras drummers) take over the stage with the rhythmic sounds of Heart Beat of Ibiza to get everyone moving. This will be followed by Mitra Hoop’s spectacular LED Hooping Light show with a session of wild, uninhibited ecstatic dance with DJ Kareem as a finale. We recommend getting there early, as it gets busier and parking gets tighter the later it gets. A nice selection of food and drink is available all day long from the fabulous Atzaró team, so why not make a day of it? It is without a doubt our onshore hotspot of the week. See you there, m’hearties!

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Ibiza Spirit Festival flyer 2016

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