Perseids meteor shower tonight from Ibiza | How, when and where to see it best

Perseid Meteor Shower Ibiza 2016

The most famous meteor shower of the Ibiza summer, the Perseid shower, also known as The Tears of Saint Lawrence is set to make its most spectacular appearance in the night sky over the next 24 hours. And this year, so they say, the heavenly fireworks will be even more dramatic than usual, up to 50% more dramatic in fact! 100 meteors per hour is the norm, but with this year’s count expected to be closer to 150 per hour, it promises to be quite a show!

The night skies are an important part of sailing, with the stars and constellations providing navigational pointers to experienced sailors. Of course these days, modern technology does the navigation for us, but any sailor worth their salt would not attempt to sail at night without at least rudimentary understanding of celestial navigation.

The Perseid shower is caused as the Earth passes through the path of the Swift-Tuttle comet. Watching from the perspective of Earth, it seems as though all the meteors originate from the same point in space, known as the ‘radiant’ point, located in the constellation of Perseus. The comet has been in orbit for some 133 years already.

If you’re a star-gazer and want to get the best view of the cosmic theatre this evening, then the experts advise heading out of towns and cities and heading off into more remote areas instead, to avoid light pollution spoiling the show. Peak time to observe the amazing meteor shower this year is said to be between 2-4am.

The Boats Ibiza crew will be up late tonight with some cushions, blankets and a lovely bottle of Hierbas. There’s nothing quite like watching this show from the very best seats in the house – oh yes, from the sea, m’hearties! With zero light pollution and accompanied only by the sound of the gentle lapping of the waves, it really is magical. Try it sometime!

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