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Stress free travel to Ibiza

The Boats Ibiza team speak to thousands of visitors every year, as we organise their Ibiza yacht charters and boat hire. From the stories we’ve heard, travel to and around Ibiza itself can be a bit of a mare if it’s unfamiliar. From eye-wateringly expensive airport parking bills at the departure side, to confusion about how best to get to your holiday accommodation on the arrival side, there are pitfalls & stresses that can easily be avoided. Indeed, just a few bits of info can make all the difference for stress-free travel to Ibiza.

Having travelled to and from Ibiza hundreds of times collectively, we asked the entire Boats Ibiza team for their top tips to make sure your travel to Ibiza is as stress-free as possible. Here are a few pearls of wisdom to help you save time & money.

Book your airport parking in advance

So easy to forget to do when you’re busy planning and organising, but a darn fine idea if you want a nice, relaxed start to your Ibiza holiday. No-one wants to spend ages driving around trying to find a parking space an hour before take-off. Nor eye-watering airport parking bills.

The Boats Ibiza team recommend consolidator companies such as Sky Park Secure, who make pre-booking your UK airport parking super-easy. They are a one-stop shop who compare the prices of all nearby parking options and find the best deals for you, often at a fraction of the normal airport parking fees.

As well as the peace of mind of having your car park space secured in advance, pre-booking with a consolidator could save you up to a whopping 60% off the gate price.

No brainer.

Ibiza Car Hire

Hiring a car is a great idea as it gives you the freedom to fully explore the beautiful island of Ibiza and the convenience of picking the car up immediately on arrival. You’ve got wheels! That said, driving on unfamiliar roads can be a major source of stress.

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind.

Check everything

We know you’re keen to get your holiday started, but do take time when picking up your hire car to check the vehicle carefully. Note every mark, no matter how insignificant on the check sheet. Those few minutes could save you oodles of hassle if there are any discrepancies when you take the car back. It’s also a good idea to take photos of the panels, wheels, lights, bumpers etc and get a member of staff to sign to confirm there has been no damage to the car.

Save €€€s on fuel

Choosing a full pick-up to full drop-off fuel tank agreement will save also save you €€€’s on your car-hire, thereby avoiding the expensive ‘handling fees’ charged by car-hire companies to fill the tank up for you on the hire car’s return. Avoid full to empty agreements, say the Boats Ibiza Globetrotters! We recommend helpful, bilingual Hiper Car Rental for this reason & many others.

Stay safe & legal

Make sure you have your car rental documents, passport and driving licence with you at all times. Seatbelts are compulsory. You will be fined on the spot if the police find any passenger not wearing one. Children under 12 must travel in the back of the car. Little ones must be in a child seat or pushchair.

Right, not left!

Remember, we drive on the right-hand side of the road here m’hearties! Traffic on roundabouts has priority from the left. At crossroads and junctions, you give way to the right.

Blue bays

When parking in towns, look out for the blue zones, as this means you have to pay. Traffic wardens in Ibiza are zealous, to say the least, and no-one wants a ticket, right? Usually, during 14.00 and 16.00 hrs parking is free. Also after 22.00 hrs and on Sundays and fiestas. Always check the details on the parking machine, though, as these can vary.

Road signs

Although Ibiza is part of Spain, the island is bilingual. The local language is Ibicenco, a distinct dialect of Catalan & you’ll find all the road signs are labelled in this language. So Ibiza Town is Eivissa. San Antonio is San Antoni de Portmany. Santa Agnes is Santa Ines. San José is san Josep and San Juan is San Joan. Handy to know!

Grab a licenced cab

There is a huge taxi rank at Ibiza airport so you should have no problem getting a cab to your resort. However, during peak season, the airport is ridiculously busy so sometimes queues can build up.

If you can’t wait to get your holiday started and are tempted to hop in an unlicensed taxi, our advice is this.


It’s just not worth it. These vehicles are not insured and are totally illegal. The police are now clamping down very hard on them and if you are caught in one, you personally could face a fine.

A potentially stressful start to your holiday that’s easily avoided by a short wait and a bit of patience.

Hop on an airport bus

A little further to the left from the taxi rank as you face the building, you will find the airport’s bus stop.

Obviously, a much cheaper travel option if you’re not ladened up with tonnes of luggage and are staying somewhere pretty central. The buses are comfortable and air-conditioned. Oh yes!

There are three routes available from here with regular service during peak season.

Stress free travel to ibiza

Airport – Ibiza Town

Airport – San Jose – San Antonio

Airport – Santa Eulalia – Es Cana – Cala Nova

And after such gloriously stress-free travel to Ibiza, you’re now all set for an unforgettable stay on one of the most top-notch holiday destinations in the world.


Words | Jinny Throup  Images | Jane C

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