Celebrity Sailors | Pixie Lott enjoys some family down time with Boats Ibiza

Sunseeker yacht

When British pop sensation Pixie Lott contacted our friends at ace UK-based concierge company, Una Mas Ibiza to inquire about a private yacht charter from Ibiza to Formentera, we were pleased as punch when they got in touch with Boats Ibiza HQ!

A yacht fit for a celeb

Delighted to have the honor of showing Pixie Lott around our gorgeous Balearic coastline, without hesitation we suggested our celebrity favourite, the sleek, 60ft Sunseeker Predator motor yacht. Having been previously given the big thumbs up by Alesha Dixon, Nicole Scherzinger & many more, we were fairly sure that Predator was the right yacht for the trip.

Warm hugs, big smiles

It was a sunny Tuesday lunchtime when we all met up at Ibiza marina where the Predator is moored. The first thing that struck this humble blogger was the wonderfully warm greeting I received from Pixie and her family. No stiff formal handshakes here, no sirree! Warm hugs, big smiles, and kisses on the cheek were exchanged as Pixie introduced her mum Beverley, dad Steve, sister, Charlie and ‘brother from another mother,’ Anand. What a down-to-earth, polite and friendly bunch of folk!

We were welcomed onto the Predator by Captain Murphy and after a short safety brief, we cracked out the Cava & strawberries & off into the sunshine we set. Pixie and Charlie gleefully cast aside their lovely outfits and graced the back of the Predator in gorgeous swimsuits, whilst mum & dad relaxed on the Predator’s padded leather sofas.

Gloriously sunny

Although the weather was gloriously sunny, the wind was quite high that day, which makes for a choppy sea. So with zero messing about, Captain Murphy set off straight for Formentera at full throttle. A lunch date at that legendary ‘dine with your toes in the sand’ Formentera restaurant, Juan y Andrea, was waiting!

Formentera, Juan y Andrea

Arriving at Formentera around 40 minutes later, the water taxi turned up to take Pixie and her family to the white & turquoise shore of Playa Ses Illetes, whilst Captain Murphy and yours truly stayed onboard & manned the Predator.

Tucking into our packed lunch, Captain Murphy and I exchanged tall tales and fishy stories, being almost lulled to sleep by the side-to-side rocking of the Predator at anchor on those windy seas. It feels almost unfathomably peaceful sitting on a yacht out at sea, with only the gentle sound of the lapping of the waves & the occasional cry of a seabird. One word. Bliss.

Siesta on the sea

After a leisurely lunch at Juan y Andrea, our guests were dropped back off to the Predator. And in classic Ibiza style, they did the only sensible thing to do after a lunchtime feast. They took a cheeky siesta, of course!

Sunset at Salinas

Now the lovely thing about taking 40 winks on a yacht after lunch is that when you wake up, the full glory of your surroundings hits you full on! In this case, in the time it took captain Murphy to motor us gently around to Salinas, just facing Sa Trinxa, everyone emerged together from a gorgeous 5-minute snooze, 100% revived. Not just fully refreshed, but greeted by perhaps the most stunning sunset we’ve seen all summer. We’re talking WOW!!

By this time, Pixie’s dad, Steve, had plugged his phone into the sound system and was unleashing a fantastic playlist of feel-good classics. We poured more Cava, Pixie enjoyed a glass of chilled white wine whilst yours truly & Anand went for a lovely bit of rosé. Steve, like the perfect dad he was, drank only Coca-Cola, with one watchful eye always on the well-being of his precious family.

Instagram live video stream

As Beverley and I chatted proudly about being mums, Pixie, Charlie and Anand took the opportunity to do an Instagram video story live from the boat to Pixie’s fans, attracting hundreds of thousands of views from all over the world. Fans sent their live comments and questions as we danced, laughed and yes, had a massive boaty sing-along to that Human League classic, Don’t You Want Me. We were on fire, ladies & gents!

Well, all that Balearic fun works up quite an appetite. So we went right ahead & indulged in some evening chocolate croissants, shared a big bowl of fresh strawberries and crunched on some Paprika Pringles. An unconventional but delicious late dessert 🙂

Big heart

By the time we swung back into port, nobody wanted to leave. In fact, we hung on for a few more minutes, finishing our drinks and chatting away. Turns out Pixie had arrived to Ibiza straight from playing to a packed, 14,000 strong house at the We Are Manchester benefit gig to herald the reopening of Manchester Arena. Here she is, singing her heart out. And what it big, beautiful heart it is <3

A proud native of Manchester myself, I asked Pixie what it was like to be performing at such an emotional event. She paused for a moment with perhaps just a hint of sadness tempered by an unmistakable glow of pride before answering:

It was absolutely unbelievable. The spirit of the people and the vibe of togetherness was just amazing. It was such a privilege to be there, I’ll never forget it.

Then we both fell silent for a moment, perhaps both paying our own wordless respects to those who were hurt or lost in the bomb unleashed upon Manchester Arena that fateful night of May 22nd, 2017.

A happy ending

And on that poignant note, dear reader, our celebrity sailor story ends. As always, there are a few details we left out. A pair of jammed villa gates, for example at one point almost threatened to scupper the trip. And a mislaid bag made for some momentary concern. The strong winds on the day made a precautionary seasickness tablet the order of the day and a beloved hat was left behind.

But guess what? The villa gates were mended, the bag was located and returned to its owner, the wind was never going to get in the way of a great day out and the forgotten hat was found. And in the end, we were rewarded with a sunset fit for not just a king, but the entire royal families of Europe combined. Behold!

It was a real honor to show Pixie, Beverley, Steve, Charlie and Anand just a little slice of our beloved Balearic heaven. It was impossible not to be scooped up into their warm family vibes and down-to-earth humor. Pixie is far from your average pop star diva. She’s that rare blend of celebrity who is not just genuinely talented (what a voice!) and naturally beautiful, but polite, friendly and a real warm-hearted family girl. What an absolute pleasure the whole trip was.

Massive high fave fam, until the next time! 🙂

Listen to Pixie’s fab, hot-off-the-press new single Won’t Forget You right here!

*The 60ft Sunseeker Predator motor yacht is available to rent all summer, April – Oct. More info here.

Words | Jane C  Images | Jane C

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