Top 5 Ibiza locations to visit by boat

Es Vedra Ibiza

After over 10 years in the boat rental business, the Boats Ibiza team know every inch of that sparkling, sunshine drenched Balearic coastline. We’ve taken thousands of delighted guests to see for themselves the beauty of Ibiza and Formentera (with plenty of en route sunbathing and messing around in the sea of course!)

There are so many stunning nooks and crannies around the islands that it’s a tough choice choosing just five. Especially since a couple of our favs, such as Portixól are so well hidden, they’re rather well-kept island secrets and if we told you too much about them, this article would self-destruct. Such beaches must only be seen and never spoken of… 😉

So after much mmm-ing and ahhh-ing, we’ve finally whittled it down. Here are our five official favourite routes and locations:

5. The Ibiza south-east coast and Blue Marlin

Ideal for trips from Ibiza Town, this beautiful route takes you past historic Dalt Villa, Figueretas, lively Playa den Bossa, Es Cavallet, Salinas, Es Codolar and Sa Caleta. It’s an absolutely stunning trip. Many guests take advantage of our cool water toys, messing around on the water before arriving, glowing with vitality at beautiful, glamorous Blue Marlin.

Jetty at Blue Marlin

4. The Ibiza north-west coast – Cala Gracio / Gracioneta, Cala Salada / Saladita and Benirras

Ideal for trips from the San Antonio Marina, this route takes you by some of the prettiest beaches on the island. Without a doubt the best choice for Sunday trips when you can hear the infamous Ibiza drummers on Cala Benirras celebrating sunset with their hypnotic rhythms. An absolute Ibiza classic.

3. The Ibiza west coast – Cala Conta, Cala Tarida, Cala Bassa

These three beaches are the favourites of many Ibiza residents and are a real treat for those who love photography. The astonishing beauty of the dramatic orange rocks and cliffs contrasted with the emerald green of the pine trees and the vibrant blue of the Balearic Sea combine for incredible photos. Ideal if you’re departing from the marina at San Antonio and you want to finish your trip with an iconic sunset outside Café del Mar or Café Mambo.

2. The Ibiza south-west coast – Es Vedra and Atlantis

Ibiza’s most famous rock (shown on our cover photo) is shrouded in mystery and legend. It’s said that Es Vedra is the third most magnetic place on earth after the north and south poles. Over the centuries, it’s been the location for countless UFO sightings and reports of unusual lights in the sky. Facing Es Vedra is Atlantis. It’s where the rock was quarried to build the walled city of Dalt Vila centuries ago. Although Atlantis is not a beach, it’s a compelling destination. Its strange landscape, said by many to resemble the moon, is very difficult to access by land. However, its beautiful lagoon, mysterious carvings and incredibly clear waters are perfectly accessible by boat. Atlantis is also famed for being the sacred place where the ancient Carthaginians left gifts for their protector goddess, Tanit. Ideal for snorkelling and those interested in Ibiza’s rich history.

1. Formentera

The trip from Ibiza to Formentera is simply stunning. Cruising southward along the east coast of Ibiza, you’ll be enchanted by the incredible colours of the sea, ranging from the deepest blue to the most transparent turquoise. Snorkelling is a dream here and it’s easy to lazily while away the hours from the comfort of your boat, watching the beautiful people dance on their glittering yachts, sipping a cool drink, perhaps stopping off at Juan y Andreas legendary restaurant for a Paella lunch, mmm… add quiet, idyllic beaches with powder-fine white sand and it’s official – Formentera is truly a paradise island. A great choice for the wonderfully relaxed day of your dreams and perfect for those looking for a deliciously romantic outing.

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